The adjustable float skimmer sucks the product out of the spillage area (dam or effluent pit.)
After this process has taken place, the product runs through the enhanced oil separator where it goes through different stages and a filter pack. During this process, the water is separated from the oil. On the tank, there will be a water outlet and a sludge outlet, that will gravity-feed towards the client’s storage facility e.g. holding tanks/pits.


  • ROQ 700 Enhanced Oil Separator @ 700litres per hour
  • ROQ 2500 Enhanced Oil Separator @ 2500litres per hour
  • ROQ 5000 Enhanced oil separator @ 5000Liters Per Hour

All units from ROQ700 up to ROQ5000 will be mounted on a stand manufactured from mild steel and hot dipped galvanized pipework.

Oil water separator - South Africa

Typical ROQ 2500 Separator

Oil water separator - South Africa

ROQ 700 Separator shown complete with mono pump, starter, switch and motor

Oil water separator - South Africa

Portion of Separator complete with floating weir skimmer and petroleum hose

Oil water separator - South Africa

Flow diagram of typical operation of the ROQ range of oily water separators